Custom object rows created at project level are not reflected under milestone task

  • 25 June 2024
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I have created a custom object and link is created at project level and task level. In my project the PM should enter the rows at project level. And team members should update different columns for same rows. But same rows are not reflecting under milestone tasks. The custom object at task level is showing blank even though the rows are added at project level.Is there a way to sync the data?

let me know in case i need to share the custom object sample here for better understanding.

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need more information. This can be done in multiple ways including both manual and automated. Are your PMs and Task Resources manually entering the data on the Projects and Tasks respectively? If so the fields will never be sync’ed on Milestone unless manually updated. Please explain further. 


However, it is very simple to add automation that will update a custom field dataset when a subtask or Parent Project is has a specific field populated.


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