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We have a department-wide project with multiple resources each assigned their own task under 1 milestone.


The project spans several months.


Each resource records their time on their timesheet whenever they work on the task. At this stage, a lot of the work is filler work. Staff works on this project whenever time allows.


I’ve been asked to create a monthly report to see each resources’ weekly timesheet activity.




Resource 1 (1.75 Hrs)

  • 6/04: .25 hrs
  • 6/05: .5 hrs
  • 6/18: 1 hr


Resource 2 (9 hrs)

  • 6/11: 3 hrs
  • 6/21: 5 hrs
  • 6/25: 1 hr


I cannot edit any out of the box Time Tracking reports, and I’m struggling to create it myself. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


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This can be done by creating a report on Timesheets. General steps:

  1. Go to Reports and create a new report
  2. Give Report a name and specify Report on: “Timesheets”. If you do not see it, it needs to be included in the settings. 
  3. Add related data for the report (e.g. Work Item or Reported by dataset)
  4. Choose Columns to include (date reported, reported by, duration,work item, etc.)
  5. Group by Resource name
  6. add any other parameters...Save & Run
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Thank you Boris - that was exactly what I was looking for! 😃


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