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We are using Team member profile with full license but I want to display different columns in scheduling view of project. Is it possible?

can we create another profile with same access rights as Team member but with full licence? Then I will be able to assign different views. 


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Hello, no need to change profile for just one view. If you are ok with all users that utilize the scheduling view of Project, you can change the default view, otherwise Save As to make a copy and then Edit to change the columns you want to view. 


-Boris Krutiy

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I have defined user groups based on site. E.g under uk group i have 2 sub groups R&D and Manufacturing. Under APAC group I have same 2 subgroups as above. Resources are different.

R&D should see different set of columns and Manufacturing should see different set of columns. Site will be either UK or APAC and both teams of relevant sites should be added as resources on different milestone tasks.

how to give permissions to scheduling view dynamically so that if R&d resource login, he see different columns and if manufacturing resource login, he see different set of columns.


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you are referencing multiple functions and not all can be done automatically…

  1. Project templates can be used to define which User Group is linked to the Project. This will allow you to have a reference to the appropriate sub groups based on region. 
  2. Custom workflow rule can be then setup to apply resources to milestone tasks when these Projects are created based on the User group members. 
  3. Different set of fields and columns based on defined user group. 
    • If you are referring to the fields shown in the project property card (primary top section of the Project Details page), this can be configured using layouts and can be specified to show specific set of fields in the Property card based on Group. For example, using the function IsMemberOf(‘UK Group’,CurrentUser())
    • If you are looking to automate the set of fields shown as columns in the Project Work Plan, this is not dynamic. These are static based on the Project Details view selected. You would want to create a view for each group and give permissions to each accordingly.


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